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Longview Plaza--1742 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY 14606
(585) 227-6614

Welcome to Rince Na Saor, Rochester's recreational Irish dance school! Since 1997, Rince Na Saor ("rinka na sayer") has provided an alternative to the typical competition-based Irish dance school, offering children and adults the opportunity to learn traditional Irish dance in an environment focused exclusively on recreational students. Rince Na Saor's unique curriculum was developed specifically to meet the needs of the recreational student, which include lower costs, a smaller time commitment, and a more relaxed learning pace.

There are several different types of Irish dance, all of which are available at Rince Na Saor. We offer instruction in the Modern style of Irish stepdance which most people know from Riverdance, including hard shoe and soft shoe stepdancing, ceili and figure dances, traditional and contemporary set dances, family dances, and dance dramas. We also offer Rochester's first Sean Nós classes ("shah nose"--old style Irish stepdancing), and Country Set classes for beginners.

The links below will tell you more about us, and you can contact me at kathyw[at]rns.dance with any questions you may have.

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