a non-competitive traditional Irish dance program at

Dance Biz
Longview Plaza--1742 Long Pond Road
Rochester, NY 14606
(585) 227-6614


Click to register online or by mail for the following classes. (Scroll down for Covid policies.)

Irish Stepdance, Children's Level I

(Ages 7 & older.)

Irish Stepdance, Adult Level I

(Teen and adult.)

Sean Nós (Old Style Stepdance) Workshops and Sessions

If you're interested in a different class, contact Kathy at 227-6614 or kathyw[at]rns.dance.

Please note that all Rince Na Saor Fees are non-refundable.

Covid-19 Policies

I wish I were able to predict how next year will play out, but being fresh out of crystal balls, I must resort to guessing. A lot will depend on where we find ourselves in the Fall, but as of now, I'm expecting the following through the end of 2021. These are subject to change (in either direction) based on case rates and the state of the universe.

1. Our medical grade portable air filtration unit with a high grade HEPA filter, capable of filtering out both virus particles and the aerosols/droplets they travel in, will remain in use.

2. All dancers (including those vaccinated) will wear masks at least through the end of this calendar year. Anyone will be able to step outside the room and take a mask break any time they need to.

After the new year, when we have seen the effects of schools fully re-opening, everyone going back inside as it gets colder, and the holidays, I will re-assess mask wearing.

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